The Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas

32 pages with colour illustrations. ISBN:9780975670156

The Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas begins when the Stroogle discovers an old pirate's map in a bottle. Together with his two friends, Gretel and the mouse, the Stroogle sails off on a raft in search of buried treasure. Along the way he meets the dreaded Pie Rats and after a skirmish onboard a giant pie ship, he is ordered to walk the plank. Luckily Grandpa Garden Gnome arrives just in time to rescue them in his new submarine. The journey continues underwater, in a cave, through a pie fight and off to treasure island. With an unexpected twist at the end involving some fairy magic, this story is full of humour and will appeal to both boys and girls alike.

Once you have read the story, you can go on your own treasure hunt and find over 300 hidden objects throughout the pictures.