Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What schools has Dr Cameron worked with?
A. Cameron has run workshops at hundreds of schools throughout Australia. Follow the links to see Testimonies from teachers and a full List of Schools.

Q. What steps should we take to prepare a visit?
A. There are five key steps you can follow to maximise the impact on the students and the school:

1. Introduce Cameron's books to the students. Without fail, workshops are always most successful when the students are familiar with the books. Reading the books in class ensures students are introduced to the characters, look forward to meeting the author, and have any questions prepared. This allows the students to be ready and excited for the visit, and the best outcomes are achieved from the workshops.
Don't leave this to the last minute. Check to see if the library has copies of Cameron's books. If not, you can order school sets and individual books at the end of this document.

2. Inform and involve the wider school community. Publicise the visit and its benefits for the students. There are colourful activities students can complete before the visit and display in the library or classroom to create an exciting atmosphere. Go to the resources page. Prepare in advance important questions that students have for the author.  The school may wish to run a pirate or fairytale dress-up day in conjunction with the visit.

3. Select the activities you wish to include. Ask for teacher input so that the most relevant sessions are selected for each grade.

4. Organise a timetable. If possible, finalise sessions at least a month prior to the visit (earlier for interstate tours). Include class names, group sizes and the activities chosen. Email this timetable to us so we can look over it to ensure that it will work well on the day. Below is a sample timetable:

Where possible, it is great if all sessions can be held in one location. This allows Cameron to set up in one location for the day, materials to be in one location and students can experience a special session outside their normal classroom environment.

Sample School Name        Timetable for Dr Cameron Author Visit – Tuesday 20 May






10.00am - 11.00am

Prep G, Prep H, 1B, 1D (4 classes)


Stories and More


11.00am - 11.30am





11.30am - 1.00pm

4T, 5F (2 classes)


Imaginative Illustration


1.00pm - 1.45pm





1.45pm - 2.45pm

 2J, 3C, 3Y (3 classes)


Create a Space Rocket


5. Prepare all resources for the day. Each activity lists the materials required for a session. Make sure any handouts have been photocopied and are available in the workshop location (or given to the appropriate teachers). Students will often need to bring pencil cases, glue and scissors to a session so ensure class teachers are informed about what they should organise.

Q. If we want to include every class, how many days should we book?
A. This depends on the sessions chosen and the student numbers for each session. As a guide:
Schools with 250 students or less = 1 day
Schools with 250- 500 students = 2 days
Schools with 500+ students = 3+ days

Q. What is the maximum session size?
A. The maximum session size varies and is listed beside each activity.

Q. How many sessions can be run each day?
A. Three to four sessions can be run per day depending on the activities chosen.

Q. How long is each session?
A. Activities range from the minimum times of 30 minutes to 2 hours as listed with each activity (there is also a full day/s workshop option). As the sessions are predominantly hands-on, more time is always better than less time and ensures all students have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the author.

Q. Can you recommend popular activities for each class?
A. We always encourage class teachers to have some input in deciding activities that will be most beneficial for their students. The following is a recommendation for maximum excitement:

  • Prep/ Kinder, Yr 1: Big Screen Book Reading/ Stories and More
  • Yr 2: Big Screen Book Reading / ‘Create’ Activities
  • Yrs 3, 4, 5, 6: Imaginative illustration/ Write it – Read it – Live it!

Q. How interactive are the workshops?
A. You choose the activities and the level of interaction that will suit your students. Cameron has a number of engaging audiovisual presentations for larger groups if a presentation style is desired.

Q. What year levels does Cameron specialise in?
A. The workshops have been designed to include every primary grade and as such there are a variety of options specifically developed for different age groups and levels of ability. Many schools book Cameron each year to cover one particular grade. For some schools this might involve the Year 1s meeting an author for the first time, for others it might be the Year 4s planning their own narratives or the Year 6s learning how to create illustrations using watercolours.

Q. Are the workshops suitable for ESL students?
A. The workshops have been designed to include activities that enable all students and cultures to achieve. Cameron's 'Create' workshops are particularly good at involving students with English difficulties and have been run at Indigenous communities and schools in Asia.

Q. Where can interested students and parents get hold of Cameron's books?
A. The easiest way for students to get books is to purchase signed copies at special prices during the visit. Every school is given this opportunity and we will supply printed order forms for students.  If students miss out, parents can purchase books and other products directly from the web shop.  

Q. Are the workshops suitable for Christian Schools?
A. Approximately half of the schools Cameron visits each year are Christian Schools. His books contain simple, innocent themes such as finding a home, the importance of family, having a warm heart, rescuing your friends and working together. The books are works of fiction containing imaginative characters and workshop activities are designed to encourage creativity. Cameron’s books do not feature ‘evil’ supernatural characters such as witches, ghosts, vampires or zombies.

Q. Are the workshops suitable for public libraries and galleries?
A. Yes. Cameron often runs workshops at libraries and galleries on weekends or during school holidays. All of the sessions can be used as well as some advanced art and writing activities.