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The Good Doctor


“Exciting, enthusiastic, engaging, energetic and really tall!” is how students often describe Dr Cameron.

Yes, Dr Cameron Stelzer is a real Doctor, not a made up one like Dr Seuss! However, with a Doctorate of Visual Arts, you won't find him hanging around a doctor's surgery (unless he accidently stabs himself with a pencil).

Cameron has been a full-time author since 2004. He has written and illustrated thirty-six books for children and has worked with over eight hundred schools and libraries. His books have won eighteen international book awards. He has been a guest blogger for the Summer Reading Club and the Reading Adventure Club.

Cameron was born in Hobart in 1977. He attended school in Adelaide before his family moved to Bundaberg, QLD. In primary school, Cameron wrote many short stories for the local newspaper. He still has a shoe box of gold certificates for his efforts. In high school Cameron discovered (with his first pair of glasses) that he had a passion for art.

After attending university in Brisbane (where he did occasionally stab himself with a pencil), Cameron took his new Dr title and went to live in London. Searching for inspiration, he applied for a job at the Natural History Museum. It was here that he rekindled his love for children's literature and began writing stories inspired by the animals in the museum.

When Cameron returned to Australia, he completed a graduate diploma in education and released the first instalment in his Stroogle series of picture books.

The six books in Cameron’s Stroogle series use enchanting rhyme and vivid watercolour illustrations to bring the stories to life.

Cameron’s Pie Rats series of illustrated novels are enthralling reads. Woven throughout the witty text and detailed illustrations, are messages of hope, perseverance, loyalty, friendship and the importance of family. As a mentor, these are messages that Cameron brings into his workshops with students.

The Scallywags series contains six humorous, illustrated chapter books for middle primary years, and a spin-off series to Cameron’s multi-award winning Pie Rats series.

Featuring popular Scallywags characters, SOS (School of Scallywags) is a series of 10 shorter chaper books for junior readers.

Cameron’s how-to-draw publications give students a hands-on opportunity to create their own characters for stories.

Apart from writing and illustrating stories, Cameron enjoys running and mountain biking through the beautiful Daisy Hill forest (South-East QLD), where he lives with his wife and three daughters.

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