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Cameron is triple vaccinated and runs a Covid-safe workshop program in line with current school requirements in each state. Cameron also runs an awesome virtual visit!


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I love stories. I love making them, I love sharing them, and I love encouraging young people to create their own. My school workshops are all about fostering a passion for reading, writing and drawing. There are a range of activities to choose from to suit every primary school year level.


If you have any questions, please contact my PA (and wife) Jenny. She is super organised and can assist you with everything from securing a booking, to timetabling, to ordering books for your school library, ensuring the visit is a total success.

I look forward to meeting you. Yours in reading,

Dr Cameron Stelzer  - The Story Doctor


Parents and teachers, for all the latest book news follow me on Facebook: @doctorcameron or Instagram: @drcameronstelzer

For exciting book trailers and videos check out my YouTube channel: Cameron Stelzer


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Pie Rats Series

The multi-award winning adventure series for middle to upper primary years.

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Scallywags Series

The hilarious illustrated chapter book series for middle primary years.

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SOS Series

SOS: Super engaging stories! Junior chapter book series.

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The Stroogle Series

Enchanting picture books with playful rhyme, detailed watercolour illustrations and hidden things to find.

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Humour, adventure and a rollicking good read!

The School of Scallywags

Discover the exciting world of the School of Scallywags as they search for buried treasure (and end up in detention!)

The Scallywags series follow the adventures of Mishchief McScruff, the Sea Dog with a nose for trouble.


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