The Stroogle Warms Winter

32 pages with colour illustrations. ISBN:9780975670132

Unlike the two previous colourful adventures, this story begins with a cold, frozen world, covered with ice. Spring is due two months ago, but all around lies winter snow. The garden gnomes are turning blue and the mouse's cheese is frozen solid. Only the Stroogle is still warm as he flies along on his sled. Throughout this story the Stroogle searches for a way to warm his frozen friends and to transform winter into spring. A visit to the Fairy Godmother's cave reveals that it will take someone very special to warm things up:

"When winter's chill is here to stay
and snow and ice won't go away
it's only with the warmest heart
that you can make the springtime start.

This story explores what it means to have a warm heart and a caring spirit and how with a few simple gestures, a grey world can be transformed into a colourful paradise.