The Stroogle's New Home

32 pages with colour illustrations. ISBN:9780975670125

The Stroogle's New Home is a visual delight with colour and detail on each page. It is an exciting tale about working together and what you can achieve with some clever recycling! The pictures combine with the simple lyrical rhyme to create a truly wonderful journey. With plenty of action and adventure, it is a story that boys especially love.

Something is not quite right in the garden. The mouse has a tree stump house and Gretel and Grandpa garden gnome live in mushrooms but the Stroogle has no home of his own. He searches until he finds an old tin can but the farmer throws it in the garbage bin with the four friends inside! Before they can escape they are tipped into the garbage truck and carried far away to the rubbish dump.

When all seems hopeless, Grandpa garden gnome hatches a clever plan to get everyone back to the garden by building a car out of rubbish. The friends all work together to create a a wind powered shoe car, complete with a racing stripe!

The journey home has a few twists and turns of its own involving three ducklings and a pond. Driving a car with no brakes, the Stroogle and his companions are all lucky to get back in one piece!