Scallywags and the Hungry Hairy Sea Monster: Book 3

312 pages with black and white illustrations. ISBN:9780648280422

Calling all talented students. The Shark Tooth Talent Quest is on again.


Do you have what it takes to amaze an audience? Are you a superstar in the making?

Take to the stage with knife-throwing crocs, sleep-dancing sloths and singing seagulls. And that’s not to mention the headline act: Nora the Magnificent.


But when Mischief McScruff teams up with his friends for a sea shanty gangster rap about the Hungry Hairy Sea Monster, talent quickly turns to TERROR!


Prepare to clap, cheer, shout and scream in the Scallywags’ third tremendous adventure.


“If you read only one book this year make sure it’s the new best-seller from what’s-his-name. Whatever you do, stay right away from Scallywags and the Hungry Hairy Sea Monster. It is a silly, silly book with silly, silly characters who say silly, silly things. On the silliness scale it rates a super-silly five-out-of-five tap dancing carrots.”

Nora Nibblesworth (AKA Nora the Magnificent)


WARNING: This book contains references to rotten bananas.

At the Shark Tooth Academy Mischief McScruff and his friends are always being accused of things they didn’t do and Headmaster von Ironheart is always giving them detention in the Dog House for Very Naughty Students. But what about scoundrel Chomper O’Many? What is his part to play in things?

Despite the odds, the friends plan on entering into the yearly talent quest but they are up against some pretty tough competition with acts like The Salty Seagulls Choir, Wendi the Hilarious Hyena and the one and only Nora the Magnificent and her magic tricks. When the audience flees however, during the friends’ performance, a sea shanty gangster rap, the friends face an unexpected response from the judges.

Author of the Pie Rats series among others, Cameron Stelzer has created a troupe of memorable characters supported by Illustrations and a gentle tongue in cheek humour.

A good read for kids 8+

Reviewed by Mem Capp