How to Create Pie Rats

32 pages with colour illustrations. ISBN:9780975670163

How to Create Pie Rats is an easy step-by-step guide for students on drawing Dr Cameron’s popular Pie Rats characters.

In this book you will learn how to draw the Pie Rat crew, including Captain Black Rat, Pencil Leg Pete, Fish Eye Fred, Hook Hand Horace, Ruby, Whisker and Smudge.

You can also create ships, mer-mice, cannons, flags, submarines, crabs, sea horses, skeletons and a treasure island.

This book has been designed for younger ages and has easier to follow drawing steps and less text than How to Create Cool Characters.

Each character has a colour example to copy and red lines on each picture clearly show the drawing required for each new step.

This book is a great companion to the Pie Rats novels, and gives students a unique insight into the creative process of how the characters were created.